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KICC Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger

Corrugations are produced by indenting the tube along the length in a helical pattern with the use of a special purpose machine designed for corrugation of the tube without thinning of wall or development of stresses in the tube.

The helical pattern of the corrugations and the optimal depth of the indentation causes a two regime flow in the tube side fluid, spiral at core and eddies at the periphery creating turbulence even at a lower velocity of fluid resulting in higher Heat Transfer Coefficient.

KICC is the end-result of:

  • Kinam's ongoing research and development.
  • In-depth analysis of corrugation profiles and flow dynamics.
  • Constant testing for various condensing applications.

What is New?

  • New and improved corrugation profile for condensers resulting in even higher heat transfer coefficient.
  • Compact and economical design. hence higher savings.
  • Manufacture ability in all exotic materials like Hastelloy, Titanium, Tantalum and Super Duplex Steels etc.

One of the test results of our extensive research had the following outcome:

Condenser Type Shell side flow rates Shell side Temp Cooling Water temp Tube length No. of tubes Heat Transfer Coefficient Kcal/h-m2-c
Steam In Condensate Out Steam In Condensate Out In Out
STHE 13 kg/hr 12.2 kg/hr 98.75 °C 97.9 °C 23.3 °C 33 °C 570 mm 7 423.8
KICC 13.2 kg/hr 12.5 kg/hr 98.75 °C 96.75 °C 23.3 °C 32.6 °C 300 mm 7 1.9 Times X 423.8

Drop wise condensation resulting in better condensation compared to thin film formation in plain tubes. The corrugation provides a channel to the condensate layer formed on the surface of tube, always providing a fresh new surface for the vapours to condense.

Turbulent flow inside the corrugated tubes due to it's helical indentation enables a more effective mixing& agitation resulting in a high heat transfer coefficient.

Even temperature distribution due to flow pattern, since new layers come in contact with the tube boundary.

Higher periphery turbulence does not allow the suspended solid particle in the tubes to settle, thus giving it a self-cleaning effect which results in reduced fouling that ensure longer running time. Easier to clean due to intermittent scaling as compared to Plain tube.

  • KICC series for condensing applications.
  • KICH series for heating and coaling applications.
  • KICF series for food processing and pasteurization applications.